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Concrete slabs are essential for most commercial and residential properties. While there are many types of slabs to choose from including conventional, flat, and waffle, they all have the base criteria of requiring a professional to install them successfully. 

In the Wilmington, NC area, for example, most concrete slab companies are trained in how to obtain the permits required from the city and state as well as how to properly lay any beams, columns, or additional support for the type of slab and expected structural load you require. As such, reaching out to us for all of your concrete slab services will make things a lot easier on yourself and give you some peace of mind.  

The image depicts a construction site where workers in safety gear are pouring and spreading concrete over reinforcement bars, with a crane in the background.

What's Involved in Concrete Slab Construction?

As mentioned before, there are a number of different types of concrete slab. The primary method to install these however is by first deciding on the correct slab type for the job then beginning the groundwork. If you went with a conventional slab, for example, this would involve adding either a beam on both opposite sides to support the slab or on all four sides to equally distribute the load. At the end of the day, once these are installed, we would still be mixing, pouring, and finishing the concrete as we do with our driveways, patios, etc. 

Speaking of which, concrete slabs, especially patio and driveway slabs, have the added benefit of being able to be expanded. Performing extensions or home additions to existing slabs will be carried out in much the same way. In addition, if your concrete is stained or stamped, most companies are able to not only match your decoration but make it look like the addition was always part of the kit. Pretty neat!

Finding a Concrete Slab Company in Wilmington

There are lots of contractors out there. Some claim to be experts in just concrete slabs but we would recommend going with a company like ourselves who have experience in all things concrete. 

Wilmington Concrete Contractors not only work with monolithic slabs, commercial slabs, and foundations but we also provide concrete driveway, patio, and decorative concrete services. This large area of coverage gives our team a high level of experience when it comes to selecting the right concrete slab for the job you have. We’ll do our due diligence to ensure your concrete slab is still stable and load-bearing for years to come.  

What About Slab Removal, Repair & Replacement?

Concrete does have a life cycle. Typically concrete driveways that are exposed to the elements are expected to last twenty years or longer. However, when it comes to concrete slabs, which are less heavily affected by weather due to their location and expected weight-bearing capabilities – that life cycle should be a lot longer. 

However, even the best-laid slabs may still crack, start developing holes, or just need to be replaced with a better-suited foundation. We provide concrete slab removal, replacement, and resurfacing so if the time comes when you start noticing issues, you’ll be well prepared. 

In the New Hanover County area, we’ve found the below issues to be telltale signs that it’s time to reach out to a contractor:

  • Spiderwebbing cracks in the concrete
  • Holes created by water overtime in the concrete
  • Major discoloration of the concrete

While the last issue may not be as major, we do offer concrete slab resurfacing services that will “refresh” your slab to make it look just like new.

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