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Whether you’re a home or business owner, making sure your concrete sidewalks are in the best condition they can be will not only add curb appeal but ensure pedestrian safety. 

While most homeowners share responsibility for the sidewalk running across their properties, you still don’t want to wait until the last second to ensure a proper path is built for anyone riding their bike or walking by as this can lead to costly issues. Especially in New Hanover County. But what exactly is involved with this type of process?

The image depicts a construction site where workers in safety gear are pouring and spreading concrete over reinforcement bars, with a crane in the background.

How Does Concrete Sidewalk Construction Work?

Concrete sidewalk construction can be done in two ways. Concrete slab installation or concrete paving. 

Concrete slab installation typically involves investigation of the earth beneath the expected sidewalk area and adding in framing to ensure the sidewalk is as stable as possible when pedestrians begin walking over it. The better job is done at this point, the less likely the ground setting underneath it will result in cracks or holes over time. 

Paving is a similar process but is usually done with commercial properties to ensure a smooth sidewalk is created exactly where it is needed. Sidewalks created with this method are not only cost-effective but boast a long lifeline as well. Oh, and did we mention we also take care of concrete sidewalk ramps that are ADA compliant? We are definitely a one-stop shop for your concrete needs! 

How to Hire Experienced Wilmington Area Walkway Contractors

In addition to concrete sidewalks, finding the right concrete walkway contractor in Wilmington, NC is crucial to the success of your project. 

Unlike sidewalks, walkways by comparison are typically non-street adjacent paths that lead from one part of your property to another. For example, if installed on your residential property, this may be a path leading from your backyard to a gazebo.

Experienced concrete walkway contractors like ourselves though don’t just lay down the concrete and move on. Instead, we offer custom designs via decorative concrete as well as structural analysis to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. We can also create non-slip surfaces to make an easier time for your elderly family members if needed. 

Working With a Sidewalk Repair Company to Lower Potential Risk

When you start noticing cracks and dips on your property’s sidewalk, it’s time to immediately consider concrete sidewalk repair. Yep, that’s right. 

If you haven’t had the luxury of receiving notices or fines related to sidewalk violations, they can become costly and a hassle the longer you wait. While seemingly innocent surface cracks may only appear to be aesthetic. Oftentimes, these will grow deeper and become a structural issue that can result in receiving fines or notices from the city. 

Above this, however, working to ensure that pedestrians passing by have ease of travel across your property whether it be a residential or commercial property.  

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