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If your home was built in the 70s and you’ve avoided getting your concrete driveway repaired, more than likely you’ve developed more than a few cracks in them. You may not know this but not only are they unsightly to some but they can also be a sign of major issues for your home’s foundation. 

While it does seem easier to wait until your driveway is completely destroyed, finding a reliable Wilmington concrete driveway repair service like the Wilmington Concrete Contractors will save you the costly headache that can occur if left unchecked. 

Why Use a Driveway Repair Company Instead of Doing it Myself

To answer this question, let’s talk about dirt. When setting the foundation for your house, the builders paid very close attention to the make-up of your soil, dirt, and other underground goodies. This was to ensure that when they laid the concrete initially, the earth underneath would be able to support the weight of the structure, your possessions, and of course your loved ones.

While you can definitely attempt to perform a soil evaluation yourself, having an expert driveway repair company like ourselves get involved not only ensures the driveway crack repair or replacement goes smoothly but also ensures that any additional support it may need is provided at the time of repair.

Before any repair is done, however, we’ll always perform an evaluation to see if the damage is surface level (not a major threat to the structure and foundation) or structural (big problem). Surface level damage is often related to vanity. Think of things like light scratches, bleaching from the sun causing miscoloration, etc. Oftentimes, this can be fixed without the need to break ground. 

However, when the damage is more severe such as deep spiderwebbing cracks, holes that retain water, or ground sinking underneath, this is considered structural and will require planning, surveying, and an expert team to repair. In some situations, we may instead recommend driveway resurfacing in addition to the repairs being done.

Worker leveling wet concrete with a screed, construction site, daytime, work truck in the background.

Driveway Resurfacing in Wilmington

Not only do we offer repair services but we also offer complete driveway resurfacing and refinishing to the Wilmington, North Carolina area. Unlike a simple repair of a crack or basic surface damage, you should seek to resurface when you notice that more than twenty-five percent of your driveway is moderately damaged. 

How do you know what is considered moderate damage? Well, if you see cracks spiderwebbing all around, holes where water collects, or even a pothole as you pull your car up to the house, that is a definite sign of moderate damage and you should seek to resurface. The process itself may seem daunting but here at Wilmington Concrete Contractors, we’ll take the worry out of the process by guiding you through each of the processes.

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