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Concrete Extension and Additions Wilmington NC

In New Hanover County especially, having more driveway or patio space is a must! While the home you purchased came with a patio or driveway that met your needs initially, your family and friends group has more than likely grown meaning you’ll need more space to accommodate everyone. 

Luckily you chose concrete and as such, the process for extending or adding new concrete is a super simple one with plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking to widen or lengthen your driveway, add more space to your patio, or maybe create a brand new slab on your property to build a shed – we are happy to help out!

The image shows the construction of a wooden residential building with exposed beams and framework. A scissor lift is visible in the foreground.

How to Start Planning Concrete Driveway Extensions

Before beginning the arduous task of extending your concrete driveway yourself, we highly recommend locating a Wilmington concrete additions company. In addition to permits, concrete additions contractors are experienced with soil analysis to ensure your foundation doesn’t have any issues as well as being able to supply haul away services for those heavy concrete pieces. 

Once you’ve begun work with us, you’ll be able to extend your driveway in a variety of ways. The below are just a few examples of what you can do.

  • Add width to your whole driveway
  • Add width to just a single side of your driveway
  • Extend the length of your driveway (if your property has room) 

Even better, using a skilled contractor company like ourselves means you don’t have to sacrifice the decorative look you already have. We can easily stain or stamp the concrete additions or extensions so your neighbors can’t even tell where the work was done. 

What About Concrete Patio Extensions?

Patio extensions are a bit of a different beast. While concrete home additions in the front are fairly limited, adjusting your patio has a lot more room for exploration. 


In addition to resizing, concrete patios can also receive additions that have rounded pieces, stamping, stains, and whatever else Wilmington, NC allows on private property. Additionally, we can build on top of your existing concrete patio to add height or dedicated spots for your grill, tables, umbrella, etc.   

Don't Forget Concrete Slab Extensions!

Some properties in Wilmington, North Carolina also have stand-alone concrete slabs that can be used for toolsheds or other items. These are typically not connected to the home and in a corner of the yard instead. Luckily, these can be extended easily as well!

Just like with the patio, you can elect to add width and length to these slabs or even install a brand new one with our concrete additions services. Concrete slab extensions in Wilmington don’t have to be complicated as long as you have an experienced team at your side.  

Let's Discuss Concrete Foundations for Home Additions

So this is a trickier part. While most companies will offer this service, most will avoid explaining why this is even necessary. If you want to add a new room to your house, this involves investigating the existing foundation of the home and extending it with concrete. 

While this process may sound easy at first glance, foundations for home additions like these will require an experienced contractor to take on the work. When we begin, we perform a soil analysis to ensure the load-bearing soil beneath where the additional foundation will be added can handle the additional weight. After this, we will confirm if additional rebar and bracing are needed and lay this first before laying the new slab matching the dimensions provided. This ensures that your property will not encounter issues once the new addition is built on top of it. At the end of the day, we don’t want to leave you with a haunted house, we want you to have your dream house!

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