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Those wood patios you see on TV shows or in the movies may be the first thing that comes to mind when you consider adding a patio to your home. However, just like the characters on the silver screen, those patios are never as great as they seem. 

Wood patios require resealing every couple of years and if upkeep begins to fail, you’ll be dealing with termites, wood rot, and other unsightly horrors. So why not instead consider long-lasting, low upkeep, and more customizable concrete patios! 

Concrete patios are on a steady rise due to their resilience to weather including the high humidity months we get here in Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s nice to know that while you’re sweating it out during the summer, your patio will look just as great as it was when you first got it. 

New modern home features a backyard with rectangular concrete fire pit framed by slate pavers and overlooking the lush garden. Northwest, USA

What Makes a Goood Wilmington Patio Company

So you’ve decided to start looking for Wilmington patio builders to begin building your dream cement patio and find yourself stumped. It’s definitely a common issue not just in North Carolina but all over the country. While there are many patio companies out there, we always recommend finding a company that doesn’t just do concrete patios but strives for expertise with concrete in general.

Wilmington Concrete Contractors can not only help with concrete slab installations for your future patio but also specialize in commercial and residential concrete driveway installation, repair, and resurfacing. With years of experience and many major projects successfully completed, we use that knowledge and experience to ensure your new concrete patio will not cause any foundational issues when being added or extended to your home. Speaking of patio additions and extensions…

New Concrete Patio Construction, Additions, Or Extensions

There are a number of ways for patios to be installed. They can be created alongside the house when it is being built or added later as a patio addition or extension. 

Typically when adding a patio, we recommend extending from the back door into the backyard as far as your needs may be. If you are expecting to grill during the summer months, you’ll need to ensure your pit is far enough away from the house to not cause any issues from the smoke or fire as you grill up some delicious meals. However, if you’re not the grilling type, you can instead elect to have a smaller patio installed for you and your loved ones to lounge in the cool night air. What’s nice about concrete is it can always be extended further. 

Should you find the need to extend your patio in the future, we can help with that as well. In fact, it’s a bit easier as you just show us how far out you’d like the extension and we’ll be able to start laying down the new concrete without any issue. We can even go a step beyond and really make that patio extension shine with some custom decoration.   

What Does a Decorative Concrete Patio Contractor Do?

As we mentioned, wood patios mostly all look the same. They’re wood. However, working with concrete opens a whole world of possibilities. When it comes to what exactly a decorative concrete patio contractor does, it boils down to two major things. 

  • Listening to your needs and drafting up some examples of patios
  • Mixing, coloring, and installing stamped or stained concrete patios

If you’ve never heard of stained or stamped concrete, here’s a quick rundown. In Wilmington,  stamped concrete patios involve the process of coloring and special techniques to make the concrete appear to be different materials such as cobblestone without the exorbitant price. Stained on the other hand is just a bit of color mixed in to really make your concrete patio your own. Let’s see wood patios do that! 

The Truth About Concrete Patio Repair or Replacement

So, we’ve talked about wood patios and why concrete is a better choice overall in terms of resilience, aesthetics, and overall simplicity in expansion. However, we want to be as straightforward as possible when it comes to concrete patio repair. Even with perfect care, any material over time will break down. Concrete however boasts an average life of around 20 – 30 years with proper care. Still, there may come a time where you’ll need to consider concrete patio replacement.

The great thing about using concrete over wood is even if your patio should start to show signs of age and cracks – restoring the look you had 30 years ago is far easier than trying to rebuild it with wood. 

Our team offers patio refinishing and is experienced with the process to resurface a concrete patio as well. Should the time come that you’re wanting to completely refinish your concrete patio, it’ll take just one call to remove years of wear and tear to your patio.

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