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Concrete replacement is a bit more involved than typical concrete repair. This is mostly because replacement is usually needed only when the concrete is so damaged that there are significant structural issues or was simply not laid correctly to begin with and has led to the ground setting below it causing potholes and other issues or large cracks developing. 

With repair, usually it is just a removal of one layer followed by the addition of another but with replacement, we’re going to break ground or perform demolition then move on to investigate the foundation before laying the concrete again. This process ensures that regardless of the weather we get here in Wilmington, North Carolina, your new concrete won’t buckle for years to come. 

The image depicts a construction site where workers in safety gear are pouring and spreading concrete over reinforcement bars, with a crane in the background.

Should I Get Residential Concrete Replacement?

When it comes to your home, your primary focus should be your driveway and sidewalk as they get the most traffic on a daily basis. As these develop cracks and holes deep enough that they affect the structure, a simple repair job won’t cut it. As such, hiring a Wilmington concrete replacement company like ourselves will make this delicate work much easier. 

We also offer replacement of non-concrete surfaces with concrete. Why choose concrete over other materials?

Well, it’s…

  • Cost effective
  • Proven to last for decades with proper care
  • Can be easily expanded or added on to
  • Can be stained or stamped to make it look that much more eye catching

We think that’s a pretty great deal!

When is it Considered Commercial Concrete Replacement?

Whether it’s a retail store, restaurant, or office building, it will fall under the domain of commercial concrete. The biggest difference in performing commercial concrete replacement is we not only have to worry about right of way but ensure that proper regulations for businesses are followed to ensure you remain in compliance. This can include, but is not limited to, parking lot concrete, ada ramps, and walkways between buildings in your complex.  

Concrete Replacement Services

Below are just a small sample of the concrete replacement services we offer. If you don’t see something on the list, please ask and we can accommodate!  

Concrete Driveway Replacement

This is primarily for residential properties but will include full service. This includes demolition, tear up and haul away, and of course laying the new concrete with the option for stained or stamped.  

Concrete Sidewalk Replacement

As concrete replacement contractors, we of course offer sidewalk replacement as well. Whether it’s commercial or residential, we’ll work with you to ensure the right concrete is laid for your needs.   

Concrete Patio Replacement

If you have an existing concrete patio or are looking to swap one in for your wooden one to have easier maintenance, we can help. Be sure to ask about our decorative concrete options to really make a patio that stands out from the crowd.  

Concrete Slab Replacement

Concrete slabs are important for any structure you put on them. We specialize in replacement of these slabs with the proper type that will bear the load and meet the needs you have set.  

Concrete Steps Replacement

Concrete steps leading to the patio, porch, or other areas will sometimes need to be replaced. Once we get the dimensions of the existing steps, we can quickly match and install them without issue. 

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