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Whether it’s summertime or just one of our humid Wilmington, North Carolina days in the middle of fall, nothing beats a good pool session! However, whether it’s your first time getting a pool installed or just needing to upgrade the look of it, you’ll want to get in touch with a talented pool deck contractor that can deliver exactly what you want. 

Concrete floor patio area with barbeque, table set, sun chairs and swimming pool

Custom Pool Deck Construction & Design

Let’s get this out of the way. There are two primary things that come to mind when someone mentions a pool deck. The rim around the pool is usually made of concrete and the area around that is used to seat your BBQ pit, lounge chairs, and other items. 

A pool deck refers to that larger area (although we also can offer services for the smaller area AKA the pool coping). The pool deck has an odd place in a family’s home. Not only must it be practical and slip-proof but also be aesthetically pleasing. We specialize in making sure both are accomplished using practiced techniques to merge practicality and beauty in one amazing final product. 

We start this process by working with you to identify what you are expecting as an end result. Something for the kids or perhaps something for you to wow the neighbors? Regardless, both versions will utilize different techniques to add chlorine/water-resistant finishes over the concrete so it looks the same for years to come. 

We go a step further here as well by offering decorative concrete options for your custom pool deck. Using stamped concrete, we can give you the look of polished cobblestone surrounding the water or if you’re just looking for a splash of color, we can do that as well using stained concrete processes. Whichever way you go, the end result will be the talk of your next pool party! 

Is Pool Deck Repair & Resurfacing Needed?

Even with the best concrete installed, over time mother nature will take its toll. While it may be a nuisance, we can assure you that pool deck resurfacing or pool deck repairs are not as bad as they seem. While it may be easier to just patch holes and cracks as they form rather than get a contractor involved, the longer this occurs, the more your pool deck will deteriorate and lose not only its luster but its non-slip properties. That’s an accident waiting to happen!

The process for pool deck repair or resurfacing typically involves an analysis of the affected area and if a repair is needed then we would sand down the top layer and add another on top that would harden into a like-new coat. Resurfacing instead is very similar but typically used when 25% or more of the area has damage.

If you’re just looking for a brand new look though, we also offer services for remodeling pool decks. We can extend the area of the deck, change the aesthetics with decorative concrete and anything in between. Your dream pool is just one quick call away!

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